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Time On My Hands To Souffle!

After almost 2 weeks of intermittent storms, power failure and downed phone lines where BBQing was definitely the way to go we are back online!  Lucky to have town water and a generator to run the fridge intermittently and be able to charge LED lighting at work or in the car we really can’t complain too much.  A transient challenge that brings home just a little what those in fire, flood and drought ravaged areas have to contend with still on a daily basis!!

While spending quality time away from technology the opportunity to start going through some of my older boxed things and yes, Lyn, recipes too!, presented itself.  I am not and never have been into cooking.  Like Lyn I have a collection of lovely cookbooks - for the pictures of course! Ha!

I didn’t learn to cook from my mum, being the (spoilt) baby of the family the cooking/sewing gene was carried by my older sister and she is absolutely brilliant at it!!  In fact , she is my go to when I am stuck with a foodie question.

Like most, I do cook because it needs to be done . . . .sigh . . . .
Occasionally inspiration strikes, but only if there’s at least a day to ponder recipe, get ingredients and then manage the prep and clean up.

NOTE: I am also the messiest cook around! My husband can attest to that if I haven’t managed to clean up before he sees it - seriously I can use every bowl and implement, spread flour and parsley (those things travel right?!) onto every surface!

So, finally I decided to participate in the cook book/recipe challenge!
Now the recipe find is not anything gourmet or even out of one of my lovely books.  Its a real retro find.  One from my early married days, remember I was not a cook!  I had purchased a set of cooking cards before marriage, in preparation . . .   Very 80’s! and it was/is a simple meal idea.  Wait for it . . . . .

Potato and Tuna Soufflé!!

Travel Bake Create Blog Time On My Hands To Souffle

OK, I know soufflé is not something that most would consider easy, but remember I had no idea so believe it or not, not only did I manage to make it but, it always turned out! Go figure!! 

Simple ingredients
Step by step instructions

Travel Bake Create Blog Time On My Hands For Souffle   Travel Bake Create Blog Time On My Hands For Souffle
What could go wrong?

Travel Bake Create Blog Time On My Hands For Souffle

Well this time a couple of minor issues actually.

Having not cooked this in our current home and oven (at least 20 years later) and the said oven is showing it's age, and temperatures are a little ‘not as advertised’ . . .  Plus I was too lazy to get the big mixer out for the egg whites, and to be honest, the Ol' Bamix stick just didn’t stiffen the peaks as much as they should have.  I did tweak the recipe to include a dusting of parmesan around the greased dish, and a couple of tablespoons also into the mix and sprinkled on top.

Did it Turn out??

Well YES!

Travel Bake Create Blog Time On My Hands For Souffle

Maybe not quite as it should - Didn’t rise as well as it should have and needed much longer in the oven to set the inside.  Not as firm as it should have been, getting it out of the dish and plating was not a pretty sight but flavour wise I felt it worked.

A plain old fashioned dish for those that like simple flavours.
One I will no doubt try again, some time . . . .


PS No pics of the messy kitchen, maybe another time hehehe . . .

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