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Seasonal change . . . .

Here in Australia it can be quite subtle . . . or utterly chaotic!  We have our mild flows of weather that barely register and then we have snows, fire, flood and drought within days of one another!  Our trees seem to shed bark and leaves whenever they want to and our native flowers bloom variably, though do seem to give a burst at this time of year.  The warmer breezes bring bird song and insect buzz enticing us to throw open doors and windows to clear out that winter fuggly that has become noticeable inside.

I  do like to clear the dust, wash the linens and get that grime off the windows,
clear my vision and declutter a little so to speak.  With that in mind today, after a good vacuum, I decided to use the smudge stick recently purchased to cleanse and observe formally this period of new growth, create a little ritual, be mindful, to dispel the stale air and encourage the clean and fresh to enter my home and mind.  Now I realise this may seem a bit out there for some but in these times where everything and everyone is fast paced and busy those small moments of focus and intent are few and far between.

There are many practices, rituals and habits performed by all societies to mark important moments in time, seasonal, celebratory, growth, birth, life and death.  Many are lost or forgotten and some we may find amusing or even scary.  Smudging has significance for many indigenous first nations people and I certainly wouldn't want to belittle or misuse such sacred practice.  I did find an Aussie company Based on the Sunshine Coast Queensland -  The Smudge Co.  using local botanicals and herbals, which I feel have a stronger affinity to our environment.  I was drawn to their beautiful Winter solstice stick!

Travel Bake Create Rite of Spring Blog Smudging

So, winter is over and spring is here, I have banished the dust (for a short while anyways) flung the doors and windows wide.  I have welcomed the sun and breeze, I have created my own ‘rite of spring’, waved my smudge stick through every room and dim corner, encircled myself in the smoky haze and I feel ready to take on anything!

What rituals do you connect with and or practice??

Lets share and even create our own!

Bring some peace and clarity within even if only for a few minutes in your day . .

Now let me go chase that blowfly outta here!!

Till next time

Travel Bake Create Rite of Spring Blog


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