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The Benefits of a Zoom Yoga Session

While there is no mistaking, practising yoga in a studio setting is amazing, the last year has taught us it is not the only way to stay connected with your teacher and other like minded yoga loving souls. We have learnt that we need to adjust and adapt. Zoom is not a replacement for studio sessions, it is in fact an addition and another option that is available for everyone.

For me personally, I have loved being able to access my yoga teachers in Singapore and join their classes. It's as though I never left. It opened a whole new world for me and encouraged me back onto my mat for regular practice, something I had relaxed in my first year of leaving Singapore.

For me, the advantages of a Yoga Zoom session are many.


Your body and mind benefit greatly from a consistent yoga practice. Your practice will easily become a habit when you set aside regular times to practice each week. Joining a regular Zoom yoga session will help you to bring that consistency to your practice.

Stay Connected

I love Zoom classes so that I can keep connected with old teachers and friends. Now, as a yoga teacher myself, I love being able to connect with friends, family and students from all over the world. On a recent class I had students join me from the UK, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney and the Sunshine Coast. This would never have been possible before!

Zoom Yoga


Practicing at home eliminates travel time and traffic stress. Friends, family and new students can join from anywhere and there is not that hassle of getting ready to go out and struggle with traffic or public transport. So much easier and such a time saver!

Personal Class

While some students thrive on the community of the class, others prefer a quieter more reflective and personal class. Zoom can offer you both. Place your screen on gallery view to get the community feel, or speaker view to just view the teacher and it feels very much like a personal class. Even though I encourage my classes to be a non-competitive experience, some people feel they need to 'perform', and Zoom eliminates this pressure.

Zoom Yoga

Get Comfortable

Rather than worrying about keeping up with the newest fashion trends, Zoom yoga sessions allow you to wear whatever you like and be as comfortable as you can. Who will know if you are in your PJ's in an early morning or evening class? If it's cold, rug up in whatever is comfortable. If you want to get in your best yoga gear, go ahead. The idea is for you to be comfortable in your practice.

On the Go

As things start to open up, and for us here in Australia, domestic travel is an option again, with your laptop or phone you can practice wherever you are. Never miss a session again.


There are many options available to view your Zoom yoga session. Phone, tablet, laptop, P.C, or screening to your TV all allow you to view the session. So many options there are no excuses!

Zoom Yoga


If you are worried about not having props, don't be. I will go into this in more detail in another post, but things you have around your home make great props without having to go and buy specific yoga props. Of course, if you are going to practice from home regularly you may want to invest in a mat at the very least. Things such as cushions from your lounge, rolled up towels or throws, pillows joined with a tie or belt, a stack of books for blocks, all make great alternatives. Never think you can't do a class at home just because you don't have the right props.


There is no mistaking that this last year has been 'different'. For many it has left us needing to be grounded, needing to do some normal activities. Health concerns or lockdown restrictions have left some of our lives feeling upended. Joining a Zoom yoga session can help you feel ground and bring some normality back into your day or week. If you are unable to leave your home (for medical or other reasons) or travel far to personal classes, consider a Zoom session. Joining yoga sessions at the usual days and times can provide grounding for you.

Animal Companions

We all know the benefits pets can have on our mental and emotional health. I absolutely love seeing students dogs and cats joining in the practice, or seeing them snoozing nearby.

Join With a Partner

A great benefit of Zoom yoga sessions is being able to join the session with a partner. You can have your family practice with you by joining in the session. Only 1 booking is required for other members of the same household to join you in the same class.

Zoom Yoga

Zoom Etiquette

I will do more on this in another post, but basically all you need to do is show up, mute yourself after we say hi, and settle onto your mat for 75 minutes of you time. Easy hey!

So, if you have never tried a Yoga Zoom Session, why not give it a try.  Book Here

I currently hold Yin and Restorative Sessions as wells as Kids Sessions by Zoom. More sessions will be added soon. If you have any day/time requests, please email me. And remember, the greatest advantage is, you can join form anywhere in the country and world!

See you soon in person or on Zoom!

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