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The Complete Breath

Sometimes our body and mind needs a quick reset. Here's a quick tip you can do on your own or with a friend. Getting out into nature has added benefits, but this can also be done anywhere. This quick relaxation exercise can help rest your mind and help it feel totally in tune with your body. 

The Complete Breath

• Lie on a rug on the floor, or ground if outside (if you’re lying on grass, take a deep breath and enjoy the aroma!). Place your arms at your sides, several centimetres away from your body, palms face-down.

• Close your eyes and inhale through your nose very slowly. Expand your abdomen slightly, then pull the air up into the ribcage, and then your chest. Hold for a few seconds.

• Now breathe out slowly through your nose in a smooth continuous flow until the abdomen is drawn in and the ribcage and chest are relaxed. Hold for a few seconds before repeating two or three times.

• Now breathe in slowly and gradually raise your arms overhead in time with the inhalation until the backs of your hands touch the floor.

• Hold your breath for ten seconds.

• Slowly breathe out as you bring your arms back down to your sides.

• Repeat two or three times.

• Sit up then stand. Jump in the air, stretching out your arms and legs as you rise.

The Complete Breath

Did you try it out? How did you feel? Did you notice a change after ? 

Share your experience with us below.

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