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Panda Kids Mindfulness Program

Panda Kids Mindfulness Program

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In our fast paced modern world, kids are exposed to the overuse of technology and the adoption of multitasking. Poor attention has been associated with impaired learning, memory, emotional development and empathy.

Even before COVID-19 hit, the rates of poor mental health, stress, poor self-esteem and ADHD among children and adolescents were on the rise. With all the changes in routines and day to day uncertainty, kids of all ages need grounding and centring.

To address these issues and bring some calmness back into their lives, we need to address the root problems. Kids need tools to cope with everyday life and the changes and challenges that lie ahead. This is where mindfulness comes in. Now, more than ever, children need to develop skills they need to cope in our modern world including learning to adapt, manage attention in different environments, develop skills in stress management, compassion and resilience.

Skills learnt in childhood and adolescents will be valuable tools in your child's toolkit for life. Give your child the grounding they need to succeed in life, develop more meaningful relationships and cope better when stress and anxiety appear.

Panda Kids Mindfulness Programs can be conducted for small or large groups, or private sessions. The program is suitable for kids from 4-18 years of age. Each program runs for 8 weeks. The program is conducted for different age groups, Infants, Primary and High School. The program for 4-6 year olds runs for 5 weeks. The programs for 7-18 year olds runs for 8 weeks.

Does your child struggle with:
  • Anxiety and tension?

  • Focusing on school work?

  • Ability to learn?

  • Controlling their emotions?

  • A positive self image?

  • Building or maintaining friendships?

  • Sleeping - falling asleep or staying asleep?

Panda Kids Mindfulness Program

The Panda Kids Mindfulness Program is an 8 week program based on various mindfulness, meditation and positive psychology practices designed to lessen anxiety and stress and increase resilience in children. This program for all children from Prep to Year 12 is developmentally appropriate for each group and gives the children the skills, practice and support they need to utilise coping strategies that lessen the symptoms of anxiety and stress. This program has been created by Lyn and draws on all of her experience and training:

  • Accredited and Registered Children's Yoga Teacher
  • Accredited and Certified Yoga Therapy Teacher
  • Accredited Peaceful Kids Facilitator
  • Accredited and Registered Adults Yoga Teacher
  • Accredited and Certified Yin Yoga Teacher
  • Accredited and Certified Restorative Yoga Teacher
  • Accredited and Certified Trauma Aware Yoga Teacher
  • Meditation Courses: Meditation Made Simple and Meditation In Action
  • Diploma of Teaching (General Primary)
  • Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)

Through, Mindfulness activities, yoga therapy, breathing techniques, books, stories, music, art / craft and more, your children and teens will experience a strong physical, mental and emotional foundation and will learn the life skills of:

  • a range of Mindfulness meditations
  • techniques to lessen worrying
  • coping strategies
  • problem solving strategies
  • journaling techniques to express their worries
  • facing challenges and fears
  • preventive strategies to prevent build up of stress
  • being attuned to their own bodies and emotions
  • enjoying the present moment

If you would like to provide you child or teen with the opportunities to thrive for the rest of their life, then book their place now.

Register your interest in the Kids Mindfulness Program by emailing me or book here
"Because of what we now know about the benefits of mindfulness, it would be irresponsible to allow a human being to come to adulthood without at least making it available to them to learn how to tune their own instruments, so they can play them under sometimes very challenging situations; that instrument would be the body, the heart, the mind, relationality with others and nature, where you no longer see yourself as the centre of the universe"
- John Kabat-Zinn


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