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Aroma Yoga

Aroma Yoga Private Sessions can be tailored to your needs. Whether its yin or restorative, or a mix blended with some energy asanas, Aroma Yoga is the perfect way to blend the beauty of essential oils with the benefits of yoga. Aroma Yoga can help to bring you into a deeper state of awareness and presence, transforming the yoga practice into a healing sanctuary.

AromaYoga can enhance your potential to achieve:

  • Refined focus and mental clarity
  • Deepened mental and emotional grounding
  • Strengthened body-mind connection
  • Increased stamina
  • Reduced muscle and joint pain and tension

Lyn is a Registered Yoga Teacher with specialties in Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Aroma Yoga, Trauma Aware Yoga, Chair Yoga, Women's Health Yoga, Kids Yoga, Pre & Post Natal Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda. Lyn is also a Kids Mindfulness Practitioner. Lyn is currently working on Yoga Nidra Teacher Training specialty.

Private Yoga Classes are individually tailored, whether you want a personally tailored practice or you seek yoga therapy for a specific physical or mental health problem. Lyn’s training enables her to work with you to help you identify your goals and needs and prescribe a therapeutic program.

The initial session begins with a consultation to assess your needs and goals. Depending on your needs this may take the first session. From there I will tailor the follow up sessions to target the areas and goals from your initial consultation.

Aroma Yoga is currently available as:

  • Zoom Sessions (coming soon) From $15
  • Group Sessions (coming soon) From $20
  • Private Sessions $125