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Mala - Green Gemstones

A Mala is a beaded necklace consisting of a tassel, a 'guru' bead, and a fixed number of round beads that is used in meditation practice or worn as an accessory.

Malas are beautiful strands of 108 beads, with a slightly larger guru bead, that have been used in meditation for millennia by Hindus.  In Sanskrit, Mala literally translates to “prayer beads for spiritual practice.”

Malas are traditionally held in their right hand and the thumb is slid across each bead to count each time a mantra is recited, for a total of 108 times. It can be used in meditation to recite things you are thankful, for, grateful for and much more.

This Mala is handmade and has 108 x 8mm amazonite, chrysocolla, malachite and green spot stone gemstone beads, with a larger jade guru gemstone bead and a silky tassel. The Mala has each bead hand knotted in place. 

Please note design or colour may vary slightly due to computer screen differences or changes in stock.

If you would like a mala made for you in the gemstones of your choice, please contact me to discuss.