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Meddy Teddy's Mindfulness Yoga Mat


NOTE: This product is ordered from, and ships from the United States.

Your yoga buddy Meddy has written down his words of encouragement on to a yoga mat so that you feel motivated all the time while practicing mindfulness and yoga.

Made of premium quality rubber, this yoga mat is easy to roll or fold.

Because of the compact size, you can carry it along easily. So bring home this brand-new mat, enjoy your self-care sessions even more.

Meddy's mat is a favourite among kids, thanks to the colourful design and uplifting notes inscribed on it.

9" wide and 19" tall (23cm x 48cm)


Well...For starters there are so many scientifically proven benefits to yoga & mindfulness that the earlier we start the sooner we begin to enjoy those benefits.

Benefits Include:
  • Improved Academic Performance
  • Learning & Memory
  • Improved Self-control
  • Reduced Anger and Anxiety
  • Increased Self-esteem
  • Improved Social Skills
  • Calmness
  • Classroom Participation


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This product is ordered from, and ships from the United States.